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iPhone 5 battery discharges VERY quickly; adjusts own brightness; won't connect to wi-fi.

For the past 7 months my phone has been dying faster and faster. I cannot take it anymore. My phone was 100% when I got out of my car, 34% when I got out of my 75-minute class and 11% by time I got to my car (3-minute walk). WHILE IN MY BACKPACK; NOT BEING TOUCHED. I plugged the car charger into my phone and the phone jumps to 54%. After 15 minutes of charging, the phone is 77% charged. By time my 1 hour and 15 minute class is over my phone is at 22%. I unlocked my phone to get to the home screen and I instantly receive the "10% battery remaining" pop-up, I hit OK, and then the 10% drops to 1% right before my eyes. This has been the norm for the past 7 months, so I have to keep an external battery charger on me. This is my second iPhone, my first iPhone was doing the SAME things that this one is doing. It also adjusts its own brightness. I slide it close to being all the way down to save battery. I can lock the phone and unlock it and the brightness is turned all the way up or intermittently moving upwards (to the right) on its own. My phone is constantly on 3G rather than LTE in the same places where I have always had LTE. Wi-fi will be on, but it won't connect to my home network or won't be able to find it although my iPod connects just fine. Sometimes it won't show ANY networks at ALL. I reduced my bill from 10GB to 6GB because I am tired of paying a $200 phone bill and I rarely ever go over 4GB because I always use wi-fi - at home and at school (& I work from home). I have since had to go back to 10 GB to avoid overages because my phone won't connect to wi-fi. My phone does not have any damage to it, just like my last iPhone didn't.

Hard resets and soft resets do not do anything. I prefer not to have to keep getting iPhone 5s.

Any help on solving all of these issues would be great. Thank you.

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Re: iPhone 5 battery discharges VERY quickly; adjusts own brightness; won't connect to wi-fi.
Sr. Leader

This is possibly caused by the updates, but some phones had bad batteries.

have you been dealing with Apple directly?  You should.   Only apple covers your phone..

Last thing you can try.

back up your phone, a full backup to computer is preferred

restore to factory.  It is preferred you connect to a computer and use iTunes to restore to factory.

set up as new with iTunes. 

Restore your phone from the backup on your computer.

If the problem is not resolved, please make an appointment with Apple.