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iPhone 5C suddenly quit keeping correct time!!

Help--Last week, quite suddenly, without any type of upgrade/update/service interruptions, my iPhone 5c quit keeping time. This affects my alarm clock, timer, email, text message times across the spectrum.

I tried a cold power down, restarted. Also switched off Cellular Data, and then reset the time. No luck. Then turned off LTE, no luck. Turned off Wi-Fi, once again no luck. Went to the time settings, tinkered around from automatic to manual, and back again. No luck. This is really really frustrating.

I would assume that this is a Verizon issue, as data would be set right from the cell towers for things like time/reception/etc?? Verizon man at their store said it's "an Apple thing", and Apple store said it is most definitely Verizon issue.


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Re: iPhone 5C suddenly quit keeping correct time!!
Customer Support


That definitely would frustrate me if my phone was showing the wrong time! Let's get this working for you. What time does the phone show? Is the software on the phone up to date? After you reset the time, how long does it take until it is wrong again?

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