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iPhone 5S Not allowing data usage

I've had this iphone for about a year and a half now.. Lately, my iPhone will not let me use Safari, send photos, use iMessage, etc.  I reset my Network settings multiple times.  It will then work for a minute or so, and then kick off again.  I can restart my device all I want, and once again, data services will work for about a minute or two and then will not work.  I've done just about all the resets in the book on my iPhone, and still no luck.  Please help, for I am in need of assistance.  I'm one of those who live off iMessage and sending photos with my job, so this is a HUGE problem.  Thank you!

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Re: iPhone 5S Not allowing data usage
Sr. Leader

Remove and reset SIM. If that doesn't work, get a new SIM from Verizon (it is free from corporate store). If still not working, consider an evaluation by Apple.