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iphone6 no service/ searching/poor customer inspire service

So today my fiances iPhone 6 stopped working it says in the left top corner no service or searching, now I have the exact same phone my phone has had no problems today. So I called technical support who helped me for a brief moment then the phone quit working after the network settings were restarted. I was informed to take the phone into my local verizon which is located on Macon rd in Columbus ga, upon entering the store the said phone is new I purchased approximately 3 months ago along with and high quality otter box phone case, so I bring the phone to the verizon store where they changed the sim card and still the phone doesn't work and due to the "managers" handling of the phone it seems to have been pryed and slightly bent which in turn the manager told me I was responsible for the insurance claim which is $199.99 I left the store dissatastified and called the verizon technician again who in returned walked me through a factory reset which did not help the phone still says no service or searching I have no idea what is wrong with the phone but I am quite upset at the fact that I am held responsible for damages done to the phone that I did not cause, and the manager of the store is not being held responsible for the damages that he caused, I have contacted the "higher store manager" who in return basically told me I was lying because she has worked with this other manager for 7 years and she has never known him to be dishonest. Now if this is such great customer service 1. Why wasn't the phone handled with more care 2. Why am I being held responsible when he clearly bent/pryed the phone 3. Why is the store manger calling me a liar we just want a replacement phone due to no service or searching on the phone clearly the phone isn't working as I have been on the phone all day trying to restore and reset possible technical issues. I should not have to pay an insurance expense as I have warranty on the phones but again we did not cause the damage. I am highly dissatisfied with the company all we want is he replacement phone but now I have to payout of pocket an amount of money for an insurance claim due to the negligence of an in store employee. Please can someone help or point me I. The right direction as I cannot get answers to this phone

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Re: iphone6 no service/ searching/poor customer inspire service

I would have suggested you went to the location on Veterans Parkway (the large one out by Columbus Park Crossing). As far as the damage...unfortunately since you left the store they will likely claim that there is no way to prove the damage was done by the manager at the previous store. It's unfortunate but I'm not sure if you'll be able to get resolution for that. Why would they have been prying the device in any manner? The only thing that store can do is check the SIM card. Verizon doesn't actually do internal repairs on Apple devices.

As for what's going on with the device and the no service...have you reset or restored it to see if that helps? Try contacting Apple for support (which is what I would have recommended over Verizon in the first place). Do NOT mention anything about prying or you will likely give them reason to void the warranty. Also try searching the Apple Support forums on the apple website to see if you can find any articles that match your issue.