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my phone is plugged up and I cant update

My wifes phone memory is full. Photos are so full she cant take any new photos.  She needs to download to the cloud so room will open up but verizon dealer cant figure out how to do it. I have been on the phone for hours with apple and the problem isn't solved. She is sad that she cant update her phone at all because she has no room. This seems like an easy fix but it isn't.   I am fed up with this issue.  I backup my photos on the cloud and do not run out of room but she cant do it.


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Re: my phone is plugged up and I cant update
Verizon Employee


Keeping your device backed up is always important, and we certainly don't want to see you going through all of this difficulty trying to do so. You mentioned Apple, so I take it she has an iPhone? How much storage capacity is on the device? What iCloud storage plan does she subscribe to? You can find this out using the following instructions: Manage your iCloud storage - Apple Support

This link also includes some good tips for making more space available. Does this help?

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Re: my phone  is plugged up and I cant update

Have you considered connecting the iPhone to a computer with a USB cable and moving the photos to the computer?  Fom there you can move them to a cloud service like iCloud or Google Photos whichever you prefer.

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Re: my phone is plugged up and I cant update
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Hi Bert, it seems the storage on the iPhone itself is maxed out? If that is the case. Perhaps this link my provide some info on offloading apps that are currently unused. To free up storage space.

How to check the storage on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support