10/1 Delivery Date Status
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I ordered an iPhone 13 Pro Max SB on 9/19 with an expected delivery date by 10/1. My order status has be stuck at "We are preparing your order for shipment and we'll send you an email as soon as it ships." since Thursday. I have noticed on other forums that many who ordered at the same time or even after me now have tracking information & expected delivery dates of today & tomorrow. Needing reassurance that my order will be here by my delivery date.

This whole ordering process has been a mess as it took me 2 days to straighten out an issue with an order that I cancelled on the 17th. (I ordered the Pro, when I really wanted the Pro Max.) That order was stuck in the system & was preventing me from reordering the correct model. I finally spoke with someone who was able to clear the cancelled order and reorder the item I wanted.  Not convinced that that everything has been rectified tho, as their are still pending charges on my credit card for the order that was cancelled on the 17th. So disappointed in Verizon right now.

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Re: 10/1 Delivery Date Status

I to have same thing. I ordered on the 18th. Mine still say the same as yours "preparing shipment" I just got off the phone with customer service and was assured by 2 agents it would be here by Oct 1. Im not so confident. They may blow 15 years of loyalty. Not Happy.