2 Bars, calls/texts work, mobile data not working

Yesterday I decided to ditch Tmobile for Verizon because I moved and where I moved to I didn't get a signal for several miles. I got the iphone 11 because it was offered free. Where I live, I get 2 bars. The calls and texts work fine but the internet will not load anything. The bar near the bottom for loading moves maybe 10% and never gets past that. If I drive down the road to where I get 3 bars then the internet begins working.

Yesterday I spent hours talking to Verizon and nothing fixed the problem. One person said it was a bad coverage area, another offered to have the phone replaced but my brother also uses Verizon and he said lately his internet on his phone stops working at 2 bars so then I was thinking it's not a possible defective new phone. If i drive about 1/4th mile down the road it goes up to 3 bars and works.

I can accept the mobile data not working at home since I have home internet but it really has to work away from home so even if just 1 or 2 bars, the mobile data has to work even some. I like going to nature parks, wildlife preserves, and places miles away from the city so that's why I switched to Verizon. If I were getting no signal then that would be understandable for no mobile data working but it gets a steady 2 bars here but mobile data simply won't load anything.

Where I am at shows Verizon LTE for the mobile data connection so it should be able to at least load a simple web page. Even Facebook messenger won't send messages here unless I'm connected to home wi-fi. I've already done everything from removing reinserting sim card to far as complete factory reset. I'm posting here to see if anyone else has had or is having this problem and if Verizon might even be considering addressing this type of problem.

I can understand it's not profitable for them to care about anything living in rural areas but people shouldn't be punished for choosing not to live in the middle of a city. If I didn't get a signal then it would be understandable but since it gets 2 bars, I just have to believe there's a reason the mobile data internet portion isn't working when below 3 bars. If it's something that would be fixed by Verizon since it could be related to nearby cell towers then I'd be ok waiting but I would hate to waste $100 a month on something that I can't even use at home.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions, things to add, I'd love to hear it.

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