2 bars no signal on LTE/5G/5GUW
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I  bought the Iphone 14 pro in December 2022. The signal is little to nothing with 2 bars or less anywhere on LTE/5G/5GUW. The signal is very slow and time lag.  T\Restarting doesn't work. However, not touching or using my phone seems to show some improvement when I haven't used the phone at all. The phone shows some improvement when plugged into a computer charging and this shouldn't happen. The service is so slow that it remind me of being on Metro PCs when I used the carrier at one point. My xfinity wifi is faster or any wifi in any building I'm in and this should not be. I have a tower 100 feet from my house and the phone should be connecting to that tower and showing full bars with no issues. Id like my phone to be providing me the correct service for the money I am paying for. How can this be fixed. 


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Re: 2 bars no signal on LTE/5G/5GUW
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We want to make sure that you get nothing but stellar service with your cell phone service. How far would you need to travel before you can pick up better service? Are you having any issues with calls and text messages?