$200 Rebate Scam
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Bought I and my 9 year old son a phone, right before Christmas. I did everything necessary for the 2-$200 Rebate cards.

This morning, I received an email stating that my sons phone was not valid. 

I called the Rebate Center and said that I no longer had the number that was ported with the rebate. 
I had to change the number, due to an individual calling my 9 year old and cursing at him, wanting to talk to his mom. I got on the phone and he thought I was her boyfriend. It’s just I and my son. 
Verizon said that the only thing I could do, is to change the number. So, I was definitely all for that, being my 9 year old didn’t need to hear his rude mouth. 
So unfortunately, they say now, we can’t send you the $200 rebate, cause you no longer have the same number, ported in with the original rebate. 
Im so angry that they know you still have the phone and that the number got switched, but it sounds like Verizon try’s to rip you off however they can. 
Ive been with Verizon for 20 years and after this, I’ll probably be switching to another company. 
I feel like they could care less about my loyalty. I will now find another company that hopefully can. 

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