35759 Area Lack of Signal Strength

I live in Meridianville, Al (35759) and have noticed a significant decrease in signal strength recently.  When I first signed on with Verizon, the signal strength in this area never fell below three bars on my (then) iphone 6 and later with my iphone 10.  Lately, the signal strength is down to one bar most days and I am experiencing gaps in audio during phone calls.  This is particularly disconcerting as the signal does not seem to increase even if I am driving by a nearby tower.  Data is slow to load whenever I'm away from the house (where wifi covers my calling and data - no problems) and calls are certainly not as reliable as they once were with Verizon.  The Huntsville, Al Metro area is a rapidly growing area, with military, space, and tech companies and industry abounding.  I would think that Verizon would want to ensure that their reputation as a leader in wireless services would not be negatively impacted by a lack of concern for service coverage and strength.  But maybe not.......