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4G LTE issues + more?
Enthusiast - Level 1


I live in the Jacksonville, NC area and Ive been having issues all day with my phone, no data, all my calls keep getting dropped. nothing is working right that requires any kind of data, tried to run a speed test and im getting like no download on it. Does anyone know whats going on?

It shows that i have full service (Full bars and LTE) but nothing is working right not even pandora or youtube. Cant even load a basic webpage with out being on wifi.

Basic phone information:

iPhone 5 16gb white

Version 6.0 (10A405)

Carrier 13.1

Modem Firmware 1.00.16 (not sure if that matters)

If anyone has any information please let me know Smiley Happy

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Re: 4G LTE issues + more?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I had something similar the last two days. 80% of my calls are dropping. Verizon said to swap out the phone yet they don't have a single phone at any store in my area. Apple said to turn off LTE service since it is a known issue that "a lot of Verizon iPhone 5 customers are having."

Re: 4G LTE issues + more?
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Have you guys updated your phone's roaming status?  * Houston, we have significant drops unless we do this on a routine basis....Option 2


Welcome to Verizon Wireless.

To Activate your phone, press 1.

Update roaming capabilities, 2.

[you'll hear music]

"Your roaming capability has been successfully updated.  Thank you for using Verizon Wireless."

[The phone hangs up]

It's important to let the phone hang you up - even if the music stops (the phone will still be updating).

Also - be sure to power your phone off every week at least.  They say for this iphone iteration this is very important.

Re: 4G LTE issues + more?

*228 does not apply to 4G LTE phones with SIM card, as the iPhone 5 is. It probably won't even let you make the call, but don't try it. 

Re: 4G LTE issues + more?

That's Correct and Not only that if the iPhone 5 doesn't stop the *228 process from going threw it could cause some Serious Damage to the Device..