$650 trade in promotion is a trick
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I tried to get Verizon’s current promotion.  $650 trade in towards new iPhone 13’s. 
The next day I received a message saying that Verizon must receive my trade in devices within 30 days or the offer is void.  Only problem is that the new phones are on back order for 30 days…meaning I either don’t get the promo deal or I go several days or weeks without a phone. 

I have now spoken to 9 people at Verizon.   All of them have told me the same thing. 

1.)  Wait until my new phones arrive

2.)  Send my trade in devices to Verizon

3)  Once my trade in is processed (and my promo is denied due to being beyond 30 days), call and ask for a “promo correction”

4)  Promo corrections may or may not be granted as they are approved on a case by case basis. 

According to the Verizon trade in policy, trade ins must be received within 30 days or they can give you NO money for it…AND…once you send your phone in, you will not get it back.


So, Verizon is offering a promo deal that people can’t actually use because all iPhone 13’s are on back order. 

Time to shop for a new mobile provider. 

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