7 hrs on phone with Verizon before phone order replacement

Called every Verizon phone number and online chat as my phone does not work with finding any LTE or WiFi in big or small cities or email or Internet while all kind of error messages pop up and multiple circling spins on a ten month phone.  All but 2 blew me off, hung up, said I’d pay if I fail to turn off find my phone, added things I never authorized or their systems did it, told every lie excuse in book etc. And all around were Stepford wives conditioned to say anything for profit.  Fios exec called earlier on another issue as of course we can’t have a life because every waking moment is spent with Verizon issue on junk cheap phones that they are well aware of and this exec said she had nothing to do with wireless and could not help.  This company is getting worse. I’ve been on ssd 15 yrs and only on next bill maybe the cheap legal internet May b found. No credits for now problems or past 15 yrs of being a low income internet account. 

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Re: 7 hrs on phone with Verizon before phone order replacement
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We are happy to review your  concerns with you in depth. How long have you been having these service concerns? Are they happening everywhere you go, or mostly in one location?