$700.00 Discount for Trade in of old device.

I traded in my old device when i Upgraded to a(n) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. but im very scared. I got no receipt, i was told id receive it through email and nothing. I also have no proof of my trade in of the old device for the $700 discount upgrade. And when my brother Upgraded he received all things and he himself will send the trade in by mail. My device was taken at the store. and i have no submissions ID or anything. Im very scared and the manager gave me some long talk that i didnt understand. saying that its a store discount not a Verizon discount so i don't know what to do.

I've spoken 3 times with Verizon customer service and they are not helpful. saying i need to wait 3 billing cycles but how can i be sure my phone wasn't kept by the store manage?

Any Advice? 

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Re: $700.00 Discount for Trade in of old device.
Customer Service Rep

We understand the need for having a receipt for your purchase and to be sure that you receive your trade-in. Can you provide the location of the specific store you visited?