800 trade in credit was a lie
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Wow oh wow. I wanna get to the bottom of this of my trade in promotion of my iPhone 12 that I did as a trade in promotion from a different carrier as I did not have that device hardly 4 months before I did that trade in promotion once I paid it off through the other carrier. The trade in value suppose to been $800 right as it was dang adjusted from that down to $350, not sounding good at all, why is Verizon doing me like this. Just for that the big iPhone 13 Pro max that I have is gonna be returned back to Verizon and I may just do a transfer PIN onto a different carrier even if it has to be prepaid or just go with the iPhone SE 2022 3rd generation, something that can be cheap as that little trade in value of $320 yeah uh huh. I might sure do that
And it says as of today we received a different than we were expecting
Yeah I want a cheaper phone instead of this high price iPhone 13 Pro max then since that trade in value is lower than expected
I don’t appreciate it one but. And that phone is scratch free and damage free

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