Adding Apple Watch to my plan. Cost

I need to know  is there an activation fee is it waived.  Please let me know  so I can  add my Apple Watch  to  my plan 

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Re: Adding Apple Watch to my plan. Cost
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I am a consumer on a budget and I sincerely understand your billing concerns, sandyjo. Allow me to clarify for you. An activation fee is applicable for all new lines of service. If you activate your Apple Watch a new line of service will be required for it (it cannot be activated with your phone's line), and a one-time activation fee will be added to your bill. This fee cannot be waived.


Your watch will have its own phone number and it will connect to your phone with the NumberShare feature ( Your watch will also have a monthly access fee ($10/month) to connect to the network. 


Please visit this link ( for instructions to activate your watch. Does this information answer all your questions?