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Ive changed my address via Phone and on the website and on the app. So riddle me this... Why is it after all the verifications and etc that my OLD ADDRESS is still as my billing address. Why is it that EVERY TIME I LOG OUT my address resumes back to the previous not valid address. I was mailed a Verizon letter one time at my address before I decided E-mail was to go since I didn't feel the need to pay just to receive paper. I should have, but I feel soooo bad for the new owners of my old address I know they're saying WHO IS THIS?! It just doesn't make any sense?! You accept it and the revert it back to my old address at this point who is behind my account reverting it back to default I haven't lived at my address in 4-5 years. My phone is messed up and fully paid for so why can't I buy a new phone with my hard earned money without giving me the card declined because your website and your app isn't keeping my current address on file? 

Plus its declining my card but your customer service has said it can't be the billing address its probably your card? MY CARD? My card? My CARD? After I have stated that its not the same address as on file as my card and to make matters worse I can only approve things on my phone... My phone really, when Ive stated that my phone needs to be fixed and I'd be darn if I get a replace when I can get the newest phone. ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH FOR GOODNESS SAKES!

Re: Address
Customer Service Rep

We understand how important it is to ensure that the correct billing address is associated with your account, and are here to help! You should have received a Private Note from us. Please reply there, so we can assist you with confirming the correct address and ZIP Code is showing on the account.