Advised to cancel order and the price isn't being honored

Hi Team,

I placed an order last night (10/13/2021) for iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB at retail price. I called this morning to have the delivery address changed and I was told that it is not possible to make edits to the current order. I was advised to cancel and re-order to make the change. I went ahead and canceled my order and started a new order. At check out, I was getting $42.5 off against  $200 off (over 24 months) on the canceled order as I want to trade in my iPhone 8 64 GB. This information was not provided to me, rather I did confirm that only the address change would be there and nothing else. If this was the case, then I would have not canceled the order but found an alternative solution.

In addition, I tried it with the customer support via online chat and the representative mentioned that there are issues currently in the user interface. They ensured that the $200 credit over 24 months be applied on check out. At check out, I did not see that take into effect. I have the transcript for the chat and can provide it on request.

I further went to call the helpline and they mentioned that the promotion expired as of 10/13/2021, the trade-in promotion cannot be honored even though the initial advise for the cancelation was provided by a Verizon representative. The representative has advised placing the order whilst mentioning this situation on my account.

I tried to resolve it via the phone and other mediums but have been unsuccessful. 

Kindly advise.

Thank You,
K. Aggarwal

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