Agent on phone was completely wrong and messed over my parents!

I'm a loyal verizon user so I decided to switch my parent's phone plan so my 80 year old mom could ditch her iphone 6 and get a new phone plus good service at the same time.  What a mess it has been!  I made the mistake of doing everything on the phone rather than in the store and man did that agent mess with my parents.  Although he told me at least twice (but likely more times than that) that their cost would be similar to what they were paying at AT&T (so around 95$ per month plus taxes), he totally lied.  It wasn't until my parents got the bill that we could see he signed them up for 5G play more plan (Really?? They're over 80... they just need a phone plan to talk and text and check facebook).  So annoying because I've been on the phone (and at the store) for days now trying to get the situation fixed and no one can seem to really help them.  All I want to do is change their plan to a cheap shared plan and have them pay what they were promised.  Why can't I get Verizon to stand behind what their agents say and make this right?  Messing with my elderly parents does not make me look so kindly on them anymore!

Re: Agent on phone was completely wrong and messed over my parents!
Customer Service Rep

I am shocked to hear about what you have gone through. This does not sound right at all. I truly want to see how I can help with their account. I did send a private message. -Amber