All of sudden no service at home


I have lived at my home for 9 years and have had a Verizon cell phone the whole time.  Yesterday morning, I was talking on my iPhone 13 pro max when the call dropped.  I tried to call back and it would not allow me to do so.  It kept saying called failed.  I turned off the phone and turned it back on.  It still would not work.  I chatted with an online tech support where I tried powering off/on, airplane mode, resetting, then finally restore through iTunes.  Nothing worked.  I called and spoke with a tech and did the same steps, she advised I get a new sim card.  I went to the store and got a new sim card, still would not work.  I took the phone to Apple and they did some diagnostic testing and the phones hardware is fine.  The testing showed issues with service.  

I have a work cell through Verizon that is an Apple iPhone I believe an 8, that was working yesterday but I realized that was because of Wifi enable calling turned on.  Without that turned on it does not work at my home either.  My personal cell would work intermediately with that turned on.

Without consistent service at my home the cell is useless to me.  I work a lot from home and my cell phones has always worked from there until yesterday.  

Has anyone else had this issue?

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