Anyone else buy a phone from VZ new with a manufacturer reset date 4-5 months prior?
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This is the third phone now I have purchased new from Verizon with a manufacturer reset date on it over the past 2 years 3/3. Apple verified new phones don’t come with manufacturer reset dates on them. I just purchased a 13 max pro yesterday in MN 6/21/22 and it has a reset date of 2/2/22.  I buy new because of all the cyber security issues I’ve had in the past before changing service providers and getting 2 new phones from T-Mobile about a year and a half ago.  Now I’m back with Verizon and I have fraud issues again. I left back in 3/2020 being a customer of over ten years and being over billed for 2-3 of them. Now I’m back and once again I get a used phone. 
when I purchased the new phone at full retail price did I sign something saying it was ok for someone else to tamper with my new phone before I received it or worse yet get a refurbished one being passed off as new. The packaging was sealed from the manufacturer and I also bought another one from a local apple store (SE) that has the exact same manufacturer reset date. We’re these all part of the same batch at apple that got refurbished and marked as new? The same thing happened to me with a Hosue I bought in this state. It was passed off to me as new but it wasn’t. No recourse. Here we go again. I get a used phone and now if it gets stolen and I have to pay it off again am I or VZ liable for the loss at that point if used phones are being sold as new and using used phones increases cyber security issues. I didn’t pay for a used phone. I paid full price for a new phone from the manufacturer that hasn’t been tampered with aside from inserting a SIM card. I am returning it today and I hope to god the next one isn’t tampered with sealed in the box because I can’t just keep buying and returning phones 

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Re: Anyone else buy a phone from VZ new with a manufacturer reset date 4-5 months prior?
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NotSoHappyCustomr, our goal is to provide you with a great cellular experience. It's important to do business with integrity. Providing you with value for your money on a new phone purchase is a priority. A phone purchased from a Verizon corporate store, our website, or through customer service would be new and unused unless a certified pre-owned device is purchased and the distinction is clear on our website. Here is a web page to see the difference between a new device and a certified pre-owned one. A warranty or insurance replacement may also be a certified like-new device. We hope this information helps.