Anyone else recently getting a strange text message? Causing photos, messages & more to show up under shared with that contact?
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 I got a very strange text message, I have never had something like this happen. 
I delete a message I don't know or that looks like a phishing or just odd message.
I think I may have been sleepy or distracted and ended up replying to a message that said Chase and then a phone number, do not disregard. 
I stupidly sent them a reply, stop and then as I was going to go block the caller/message sender, I noticed where on iphone, it shows all the photos, documents and what not that you have shared with your contact, ALL of my previously sent and received photos, texts, locations, documents, links etc that I had sent and had been sending showed up there, under the random message. Not in lines of the text bubbles but kind of under the profile, you know?
So, look out for that. Tried to talk to apple but, still left me a bit confused. I reset my phone as factory settings and then set up as new. Hope that helps but, I also am trying to contact verizon as the person from apple told me that there is an issue with my phone number/line. 

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