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Anyone having issues with iPhone 4 getting HOT?

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My iPhone gets HOT now after sowtware update. Went to my local store for help. If you are instered, then please read below for a detailed account of my experience in getting "help" with this issue.

After downloading a software update on my iPhone, my phone began overheating. (I mean HOT!) So, I checked for a solution online, restored iPhone to 'factory settings'. Problem still not resolved. Researched more, and found I needed to return phone for a new one as this is a KNOWN issue with the iPhone.

The Tifton GA Verizon store is NOTORIOUS for their abhorrent customer service. So, in order to KEEP from having any issues after arriving to the store, I called in and spoke with "Dewey" and described the issue. He told me to come in and ask for him.

I was greeted by "Tony". I told him the issue and that I had spoken with "Dewey" and he said he would help me. (As is "Dewey" was the only rep. that could help with this issue.) "Dewey" was waiting on other customers. "Tony" was not helping anyone. The store was NOT busy or crowded! I waited for approximately 45 minutes. "Marva", who was also just standing there looking at me not helping anyone, along with "Tony", asked me if she could help me. By now I am upset and was not very nice to her. She was very supportive and got me the manager Mr. Ryan Smith. Mr. Smith was not helpful IN ANY WAY regarding my wait time and informed me that "Dewey" had in fact gone to lunch. When I described my issue with my phone, Mr. Smith had the nerve to inform me that he had never heard of that happening and since he was "up on all things with Apple and owned his own business" he would know. His offer of help to me was for me "to contact technical support". Those are his words of help and support to a LONGTIME customer (with 3 phones) that had been made to wait for 45 minutes in an empty store. He referred me to "Marva", who took pity on me, and helped my by ordering me a replacement 'refurbished' iPhone that is to be sent to my home. (I have insurance, and expected a NEW phone without issues to replace the deffective model.)

I am ABSOLUTELY convinced that the rumors about the Tifton Verizon store having horrible customer service are in fact 100% TRUE!! The manager Mr. Ryan Smith needs to be replaced IMMEDIATELY. No wonder there are so many problems with this store. I can fully understand how the Tifton Verizon store has earned such a vile reputation. As long as there are obtuse and incompetent employees like Ryan and TONY handling things, I'm sure the reputation will not change.

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Re: Anyone having issues with iPhone 4 getting HOT?

Have that issue and it gets hot hot hot around the band and back. Apple did a diagnostic by text and it said it never got to the max temp but If I can't tolerate thus very hot temp imagine if it was at the max. Soren times it gives me the plug icon that means full but it said 50% so it's stopping while charging probably it is so hot. Nobody know what the plug could mean other then full battery. Everybody thinks its ok to be so hot but they also don't tell you if the metal band around the edge of the phone has any special thing to make it hot. I know metal is heat conductor but this is bad. I think to myself yes I can handle it but what about others. Now the front is hot to touch. I do need to be able to use it while chargeing and I understand smartphones do it but apple products are known to be used by all ages I see people as early as 13 useing an iPhone or iPad so I would expect them to be more higher standards. iPad 3 is known to be very hot too maybe not to the apple extreme but people hot. Sometimes it's frequent and sometimes it's not. I use he phone same way everyday.