Appalling Lack of Safety at Verizon outlets

I purchased a new SE yesterday at a La Crosse Wisconsin location. Both staff were unmasked during my interaction. To get a new device purchased and data transferred from old phone took nearly an hour. I'm not complaining about the time. I am more concerned for the safety of staff and customers. This interaction is a high touch and at times close proximity interaction as devices are passed back and forth, as passwords are entered, and changes verified between purchasers and staff. 

I am calling on Verizon to get started immediately to require masks for all staff and for all customers coming into these locations. I witnessed an older female coughing repeatedly with the Verizon staff very close to her as she was doing this. He was trying to assist her and she eventually left the store. Then he turned to work with me as I had an appointment for this purchase. He did not mask or have gloves, or clean his hands after having had this risky interaction with the previous customer. I dd my best to keep my distance and even stepped outside to limit our contact. Please, please take these necessary safety actions for all involved.

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Re: Appalling Lack of Safety at Verizon outlets
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Looking up that address lead to a "BeMobile". Figured it wasn't a corporate location based off your post.

Buying a new phone and data transfer is something people really should be doing on their own, now more than ever. You'd also get less ripped off on fees avoiding stores all together.

Re: Appalling Lack of Safety at Verizon outlets
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We appreciate your expression of concern, as safety for all customers and employees is of the utmost importance during this time. With that in mind, I am happy to share that all of our corporate retail locations are requiring masks, among other thorough safety measures:


Reviewing the stores located in La Crosse, WI, it seems you visited one of our indirect partner locations, which may be under a different mask policy. You will see at the below link that a nearby corporate location would be Onalaska:


With that being said, we encourage the ultimate safety measure, which is taking advantage of delivery and/or curbside pick-up for any purchases. As for your experience in La Crosse, while not a corporate store we will definitely get that feedback lifted and continue to make sure all customers have the resources they need to remain safe. I have sent you a Private Note, we look forward to your response.