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i got a new phone today, and we got the plan that allows Apple Music with the plan. So I’ve been trying to set it up, and every time I try it says “No subscription through Verizon”. I have tried setting it up through the website, but my grandmother phone is the only device listed under our lines and it says her phone isn’t compatible with the plan we signed up for today. She has been with Verizon for quite sometime now, but she added me to her plan today, and switched to the Beyond Unlimited plan (the one with free Apple Music for the entirety of the plan and a hotspot, and unlimited data). What should I do to solve this problem?

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Customer Service Rep

Congratulations on your new phone, Graciebrown03.  I know how important it is to be able to take advantage of all of the features. I’m sorry that your Apple Music is not letting you able to subscribe. I will be happy to help. Can you tell me if you are added on as Account Manager? If you aren’t this could be the reason it’s not letting you subscribe. If you aren’t, you can have her add you on. Here is a link that you can show her how to get this done. Please see number four for additional details.

What steps have you taken to get this resolved. I want to ensure we aren’t repeating steps. 

Here is also a link that will show you how to subscribe. Please see number 6 for instructions.