Apple Music Subscription on Get More Plan

I previously had the Play More plan that included 6 months of Apple Music and today switched to the Get More plan that includes Apple Music.  It shows I'm enrolled and it's free on Verizon's website, but when I look at the Apple Music app it says my subscription ended Nov 2.  It continues to work, but I don't understand why it doesn't show my subscription is under my Verizon plan like it does for Apple Arcade?

Has anyone else had this glitch and it's been solved?


I'm new to Verizon since Sept btw so some things are different from my previous carrier.

Re: Apple Music Subscription on Get More Plan
Customer Service Rep

Hello, jdmc1973. I am here for support and happy to help review your account and gather more information about your Apple Music subscription! Please send us a Private Note for support.