Apple Music Subscription

If you are registering a new Apple ID with your Apple Music promotion and used a previous one with your Verizon account, you must call Apple Support and speak with a Senior Advisor to cancel the service. You must ask them to deregister the previous Apple ID. They will ask you to log in to the and generate a Pin. After accessing the account they will need to locate the Apple Music subscription thru Verizon and they will have to cancel the plan. This will allow you to add a new Apple ID to your music account. You will need to click the link on the Verizon message that takes you to the Apple Music Subscription page. If you don't have the text, you can log into your MyVerizon account, manage your device, click on the add-on's, and then unenroll from Apple Music. Once the add-on has been cancelled, you can re-enroll in order to receive the enrollment text. Once you follow the link from the text, you will be able to subscribe to the promotional Apple Music plan with your new Apple ID. You can follow the same steps for the Apple Arcade promotion.