Apple Music being charged now
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I upgraded to the new Get More plan but was having issues with activating the HD video streaming on it.

The representative on I was text messaging was trying to correct the issue then all of a sudden all my wife, brother, and parents I’ll receive text messages that Apple Music is no longer included in their plan and they will be charged $9.99 per month immediately. 

They are on all on the old play more unlimited plas and it says Apple Music is included but is also says they are now being charged for it. The next bill estimate is over $40 higher now. I keep getting the runaround with Customer Service saying I have to wait until the end of the billing cycle and it should correct itself but I don’t understand why is it saying that we have to pay for it when it’s been included in our plan. 





Re: Apple Music being charged now
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We definitely want to make sure that you are able to get a great value from your service. IS your account showing that they were changed from the old Play More Plan to the Mix and Match 4.0 Play More?



Re: Apple Music being charged now
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Did you get any resolution?  I have spent HOURS on chats and calls and on hold with Verizon reps for several months now. First it was charges for Disney Bundle and now Apple Music. We purchased a new iPhone 13 for one of the lines, which ended up in a change from the original Play More (Apple Music included free) to 5G Ultra for some of the lines. Now three of the lines are being charged $9.99/month for Apple Music that was and should still be included free on the original Play More plan. I have been told several times that it has been taken care of, but this month's bill is still incorrect. I am beyond frustrated.  Today they opened up a support case for me and then put me on hold for an hour waiting for a supervisor before I had to leave the call.  No attempt to reconnect with me. They are the phone company - they have my number!  I documented the situation in the support case, but I get the feeling there will be no response. 

Re: Apple Music being charged now
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Yes I contacted executive relations and they resolved it quickly. 

Google Verizon executive relations, it will take you to the corporate webpage and under the CEO there should be an option to email them to get a hold of them. They are usually very responsive and helpful.



Let me know if they’re able to help