Apple Music sign up issue with Play More plan????
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Has anyone else had an issue with adding apple music with their play more plan?  I signed up for Apple Music using my Verizon credentials and just received a notice that my 6 month free trial period was approaching and i was going to start being charged????

I was told that Apple Music was included FREE in my plan... what happened?

Is there something else I needed to do or sign up?

Did anyone else figure out how to fix? I have a iPhone 11 Max Pro if that makes any difference.

Completely frustrated with this... been with VZW for 20+ years.... seriously considering options lately.

Re: Apple Music sign up issue with Play More plan????
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It's Apple music, not Verizon music. Your frustration is at the fruit company more so the red check.

Sounds like you had a basic unlimited before which did have the trial.

Re: Apple Music sign up issue with Play More plan????
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Hello NavVZWuser,


Apple Music is even more awesome when it's free. I can definitely clear this up for you, we definitely don't want to lose you. Upon review of a comparison of the unlimited plans, the Play More plan does include a free 6 months of Apple Music. However, Apple Music is not included for free within the Play More Unlimited plan. Here's a comparison of the plans, and the details: The Do More Unlimited plan is the same cost as the Play More Unlimited, but that one does include Apple Music free. here's a link on how to change your plan: I hope this information is helpful.