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I need help with one of my device's. It will not allow me to add the apple music. I have called and the agent said it would take up to 7 days to resolve. After I got off the phone last night, I thought that did not sound right. So I called back today and so far I have been on the phone for over 1 hour with that awful music playing over and over and still no resolution. I am beyond frustrated.  I tried the chat feature and no one is answering.  I tried the messenger on facebook and no one is answering. 

Any suggestions???


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I have the same issue. It says my apple ID subscription is already being used.  I've called apple they say they show its cancelled by Verizon.  I filed a complaint with the BBB. The executive team has reached out and then I got some guy from VZW tech support that said just create a new apple ID.  If it was that easy I would have but then I lose all my photos contacts and apps.  They are clueless.  I ended up buying the Apple music again for $9.99 even though I have a plan that includes it.  It's a mess!!!