Apple Watch 4 international (wifi) use with lost/powered off shared device
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I know an Apple Watch 4 with a US cellular plan generally won't operate internationally and there's no way to apply a travel plan to a watch.  Inquiring if any of its features will work via wifi connection internationally.

Can an Apple Watch 4 (with cellular plan) that is shared with an iphone 6s series or higher on a TravelPass make phone calls and/or text messages while traveling internationally if the shared phone is lost/powered down.

Can the wi-fi connected Apple Watch 4 internationally work for:

. phone calls

. text messages

. walkie talkie

Thank you.

PS We did not buy Watch 5 although it has global coverage features that Watch 4 doesn't!

Re: Apple Watch 4 international (wifi) use with lost/powered off shared device
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Kolffan, I hope you have a great time on your trip! I totally get wanting to check if just connected via Wi-Fi, will your smartwatch work internationally. The Apple Series 4 watch does not work internationally, even via Wi-Fi. It's not capable of making Wi-Fi calls. Now, an internet-based messaging service like iMessage will work, just as it would work on your phone. Our international coverage, such as TravelPass, doesn't apply to a smartwatch that is shared with your smartphone.  


If you're planning on using TravelPass, I highly recommend checking out the TravelPass FAQ page:


There, you can review the details of TravelPass if needed, and confirm what the service can do while you're traveling.