Apple Watch 5 is a HUGE Disappointment
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When Covid 19 hit and my gym closed, I decided to get a fitness watch to hold myself accountable for exercise.  I ordered the Apple Watch Series 5 through this website from a representative using the chat window about a month ago.  Since then I have had nothing but problems, including about one hour/week of my time wasted trying to reach a phone representative regarding various issues  since getting the watch.  Most of this time is spent on hold as Verizon does not have representatives available to talk.

I try to go through phone representatives because the last person I live chatted with lied to me about the cost of the watch, and my first bill increased by $60, not the $30 I was promised, so I don't trust the chat window.  The hour I spent on the phone last week got one of the many hidden fees removed, but my bill remains dishonestly high.

Then there's the watch itself, which doesn't work.  I got the Nike one because fitness was my reason for getting the watch in the first place.  When I take it for a run, about half the time it tells me Siri is "unavailable" or "working on it" but doesn't come through.  Also about half the time it can't start a workout, place a call, make voice text, or play my music.  Note: I am paying extra for cellular service to the watch.  At first I thought I had a defective watch, but after about 4 hour long phone calls I've come to realize I am just expected to accept this poor functionality.  It also doesn't recognize that I'm standing unless I wave my arms in wide motions, and it doesn't play the fireworks animation when I hit my exercise goals.  I went through a long and complicated reset process a week ago to make it play the fireworks, and they have already stopped again.  

Then there is Verizon Customer Service who is unreachable at best and dishonest at the worst.  The $500 watch they sold me is a piece of junk and so is the service plan it relies on.  I wish I never bought this thing, and I wish I never extended my contract with such a poor provider.  They told me the 2 Verizon stores in my town can't even help me because I bought my watch off the website.  I logged on tonight to write a review of the watch but I see that's not an option, and now I know why, so this post will have to suffice.  

Do not buy this terrible watch and do not sign contracts with these dishonest sales reps!

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Re: Apple Watch 5 is a HUGE Disappointment
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Why didn't you contact Apple? Verizon didn't make the thing. The only thing Verizon is responsible for is if the watch was activated.