Apple Watch LTE stops working after address change
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Please help me get my Apple Watch LTE working.  I have spent HOURS on the phone with various support folks since I changed my address last week.  This has happened before with each previous address change but those times I was lucky enough to finally reach a support rep after only about 4-6 hours of troubleshooting  who could resolve the issue.  Now I’m approaching 10 hours plus of troubleshooting, let’s not even talk about the unmet promises for follow-up calls/emails/etc on Verizon’s end, so after each failed troubleshoot, when I call back it’s starting again from scratch. Last week  I was given  IT Ticket Number INC005702829 but I’ve no idea what the status is or what this ticket actually even pertains to.   My entire house is Verizon wireless not to mention a large Verizon Fios plan and I’m ready to just throw in the towel and go to a carrier who can actually provide the service I’m paying for and can actually reasonably fake caring about their customers.    I am beyond frustrated and am hoping this last ditch effort of a post to the community page will garner some meaningful support.    Please help. Thanks, Kate. 

Re: Apple Watch LTE stops working after address change
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These may have been mentioned to you, but it's a good solution sometimes. Unpair the watch from the phone and then pair it back. Next, while the watch is on, press both buttons (crown and side buttons) together and hold them in. The watch will turn off. Keep pressing both until it powers back up with the apple, then release.

These may not fix your problem, but it works for some problems. It's worth a try.

Good luck.

Re: Apple Watch LTE stops working after address change
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We are sorry for the time spent on your concerns and want to make sure that your watch is connected as needed. Please send us a private message to further review your concerns today.