Apple Watch series 6 won’t activate
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I purchased an unlocked Apple Watch from Best Buy and Verizon is refusing to activate it. A senior tech said they won’t do it because the Watch IMEI is not in their database. I traded in my watch and now have no watch working. 

I spoke with apple and they said that Verizon can add it but Verizon said they can’t. I think that this is false advertising to offer and sell a watch with All Carrier activations. I have been with Verizon since the beginning of cellular and it about time to leave. 

It appears that Verizon wants to trap you with them having hardware that only works with their service  this is completely unfair  


Re: Apple Watch series 6 won’t activate
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Everyone - if you cannot activate your new watch through the app, then do this: (especially if not purchased directly from Verizon):  First, close out of the watch app - you'll be doing this through My Verizon.  Sign into My Verizon (I used the website) and add it as a BYOD. Go to Settings>General>About to get the IMEI number. After you type it in, VZ will recognize it as a watch and then go through the prompts to add it to your plan as numbershare.  It will take about 30 minutes for your account, etc to update.  Restart your watch and it will activate and you'll see it on My Verizon.  I think this works because the system will automatically add the IMEI to Verizon's database as opposed to waiting forever for Verizon customer service to do it. 

This worked for me for a watch purchased from the apple store and the activation fee worked out to $10 cheaper ($20 online vs $30 through the app).