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I am attempting to upgrade my iPhone 8 to an iPhone 12. I have a Verizon unlimited family plan where I am the owner, and my SSN is on the account. Because I used to have a business account, my wife’s phone number is the “owner’s” number. The other family members, and my personal phone number are considered “members”. I have looked and find that the lowest price is from Apple over a 24 month payment plan. I have attempted to purchase the phone, however, Apple is not able to confirm the phone number and therefore are not able to process the purchase. The issue appears to be that Apple can not see the “member” numbers (unclear if this is an Apple or Verizon issue). I spent an hour at the Verizon store and 2 hours on the phone with Apple without resolution. Any suggestions?  Thank you. 

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Re: Apple and verizon
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There is no "owners number" by detault. Any number from your account that registers first gets asked if it's responsible for the account or if it's a member. Whoever registered first chose the former.

Either login under a member login and request account manager status to be approved by your wife's login or call CS and have them unregister all the lines so you may register a different number as owner.

Re: Apple and verizon
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Rmiller1963, we're sorry to read that you're having trouble placing an order through Apple. This will be something Apple needs to escalate on their end, as you're placing an order thought them. We're happy to help you with the order if you choose to place the order with us. We'll be here if you need us.