Apple phoes are getting too big

My 5s didn't update any longer and I needed to get a new phone.  I was told all the phones are bigger now and was sold the X10.  I am very unhqppy with it.  I keep dropping it as it is too big.  Ican't reach any person at central Verizon.  They don't answer any day.  I have 14 days to decide whether to keep it or return and absorb a $50 ridicualous reshelving charge.  Any ideas?


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Re: Apple phoes are getting too big
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If you absolutely do not like the size of the phone, return your phone.  The 6s, 7 or 8 are all smaller and would be an option for you.  I suggest going into a store and hold a few of them and see what feels best for you.   I had went from a 4s Iphone to the 6s Plus a few years ago and found that I dropped it less, as it was much easier to hold on to.  I now have the Iphone XR and again, find it  a perfect size for me .  But best to be happy with your phone choice, for sure.