Are all Verizon promos scams?
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Reading through this community, there are a lot of Verizon scams... I know I got completely ripped off on my "free" iPhone scam. I will be paying for the free phone and porting to another carrier as soon as the SIM arrives from my new carrier. Speaking to others and reading through this forum everything Verizon offers seems to be a scam. "Move to Verizon, we'll pay your bill" means they tack it on to your bill. "Free" iPhone means "you will be paying more than at the Apple store for the same iPhone". I just realized that by paying off the device charge for the "free" phone and moving to another carrier (think the herb that is in a julep) I am saving $1,100 over the course of two years. Can't wait for that new SIM to come and to be out of this mess. #VerizonLies #VerizonScam