Assurion not honoring federal issue identification .

I can not believe the difficult time I am getting from Assurion , I have paid into this insurance for years for several phones and am now putting a claim .  One lost phone in Europe, now they will not follow their own policy of acceptable form of ID , I sent an federally issue ID and now they do not want to honor that . This is after listening to them tell me my account belonged to someone else for 15 minutes . And I was not authorized to file a claim on it .  When I asked to speak with a manager , I was put on hold with very loud sound then after several minutes, the call was dropped . 

Have others experienced the same form of treatment from Assurion as I have just decribed ?

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Re: Assurion not honoring federal issue identification .
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@known-4 ,


A missing phone in another country would certainly be a time when insurance is good to have, although it shouldn't be a difficult process. Let's find out more on this to best assist. What sort of federally-issued photo ID did you provide that they did not accept? As for being authorized to make a claim, you would need to be listed on the Verizon Wireless account as an Account Owner or Account Manager, with the photo ID that you submitted matching the name of the Owner/Manager. Are you listed as such on the Verizon account?