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Disgusted by my experience with both Verizon and Asurion. I went on Asurion's website to file a claim like you normally would. The only issue was I couldn't register my device because I did not have enough slots. I did not know that until I called Asurion and asked them what had happened. They told me to give Verizon a call and ask them to open a spot up for me to enroll my device and to call back so they could finish my claim. I did just that and when I called Verizon they had no Idea what Asurion was talking about, so I had to do the research on my own to try and find a solution. 

I looked on my plan for total mobile protection and it looked like there was a more expensive option for 5$ more that says in the fine print "protect any 3-10 lines" and the one I had before said, "protect any 3 lines".  So I went ahead and upgraded it like the Asurion person had asked me to do. When I gave them a call back they said "Unfortunately you cannot make a claim on your device". 

They claimed I couldn't file a claim because I had broken the phone beforehand. Now I am without a phone and not able to file a claim. I have to wait until I pay off my phone until I get the next. It's my fault for not reading the print but seriously?????? 

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The terms are any first 3 devices claims are made on go against the limit. Even if you do a warranty claim, TMP will have that number take up a slot even though Verizon handles it. Additional slots cost $9 per line.

You were denied because you were effectively trying to commit insurance fraud even if that wasn't the intent. Multi line insurance is a scam anyway. If you must carry insurance, go the individual line route since you get 3 claims per calendar year on that line.

Actually, if you're an Apple user, you shouldn't even bother with Asurion and use Apple Care.

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Edward012, we know how important it is to have a fully working phone, and we want to clear up any concerns you may have regarding your insurance coverage. We'll be sending you a Private Note to better assist you.