On 17 July 2020 I 7:28PM called Asurion and told them my phone was not working. They told I had to fill out a claim. I filled out a claim from the Verizon Website and was told I would have get a notice within 3 hours to pay my deductible and set up shipping. At 10:28 17 July I did not receive a notice, so I called Asurion and was told I had to fix my affidavit. I adjusted the affidavit and I was told I would receive a notice for payment and shipping soon. On 18 July 2020 at 10:30 I did not hear from Asurion (+13hrs). I called and I was told that the adjusters wanted me to go to ICLOUD and turn off my find a phone. I completed and was told I would receive notification asap. 4:30PM 18 July 2020 I still did not revceive notification from Asurion, so I called and I was told my claim was denied because of a difference between malfunction and damage, which was never told to me previously. I asked for a manager. I have been on the phone with a Supervisor for 1.5 hours and he told me 30 minutes ago that the dates were wrong on my affidavit, which is probably a time zone issue from the 17 July 10pm phone call. I am also being told that the replacement will take 9 days to reach me. Please help.

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Re: Asurion
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No one with an iPhone should bother with Asurion, that's what Apple Care is for.

Far as claims, Asurion is for physical damage, water damage, lost/stolen. Malfunctions are under warranty.