Automated Voice Mail Message

I have an iPhone 7, software version 14.8.   I have been informed by some friends my custom voicemail outgoing message is no longer playing.  Instead they are getting an automated message telling caller to enter the phone number.  These people are listed in my Contacts for my phone.   I did not find topic addressing this on Verizon Community nor on web search.   I made an appointment at a Verizon store, but the sales associate did not know what was causing this or how to rectify.   He called Verizon Support on my phone and entered 0's to get live support.   After extended wait period, I spoke to a Support.   I was put on hold while he explored my account and issue.   He came back with answer that Verizon is in process of rolling out such a program on all lines.   I asked how I could defeat this,  but he believed I could not defeat or change this.   I suspected this answer may not be accurate.   

I signed on to my account via my computer and found an application called Call Filter active on my account.  It is possible I may at some time activated this application, but do not recall doing so.  The application allowed me to turn off Call Filter, which I did.   This was several days ago.  In meeting a friend today, I had them call me so I could listen to message when I did not pick up.  The automated message still played.  When my phone number was again entered as specified on the recording, my custom voice mail with my voice played.

I again checked my account online, and Call Filter was not active.   In reading further on Verizon website, it discussed Apple options.   I had been using Apple's "Silence Unknown Callers" for some time, but this had been automatically forwarding phone numbers not in my Contact list to my custom voice mail.   Verizon also indicated another Apple option I was not aware of called "Silence Junk Callers" , which is found when selecting "Call Blocking & Identification" within Settings>Phone. This option was On for my phone, and I disabled it as well.   I then requested a friend call me to hear what voice message will play.   It was still playing automated message, essentially being a 2-tier voice mail system.   

I want the ability to disable this, especially for return calls from physician, insurance, and other business matters.   

I would appreciate guidance from Verizon and/or Verizon Community on this.