Awful customer service
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Since December I have been trying to get my bill fixed. I have had no help whatsoever, I have probably talked to over 10 customer service people still no help or answers. On my (Nov-Dec) I was Charged a trade in adjustment that I wasn't responsible ($258). Then comes to find out they never gave me credit for my trade in (iPhone 11) to trade in for iPhone 12 pro. Then another charge pops up on my account $268 on my (Dec-Jan) bill for one time charges and credits. Now my bill is a outstanding $600 for one phone line. Which is absolutely ridiculous. I will be leaving Verizon because of this. Its very sad because I have been very patient through this and have always been a loyal customer. 

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Re: Awful customer service
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ChristaJones01, we value your loyalty and we never want to see you go. We are sorry to hear about the length of time it is taking to get your bill corrected. Allow us the opportunity to assist and turn this experience around for you. We have sent you a Private Message. Please respond to that message. Thank you.  

Re: Awful customer service
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This sounds like you traded the phone as an early upgrade under a promotion that required the phone to be paid in full.

If that's the case, early upgrades take care of remaining loans, but disqualify you from getting trade in promotion value out of it. If you were getting a promo you weren't eligible for, it would make sense to be charged back ad adjustments.

This is just speculation without those details abscent from the original post.