BAD SIM in iPhone SE / Can't Activate / Can't Go to Store / NO PHONE - PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
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I have an iPhone SE 2020 (unlocked) and I have been trying to switch from ATT PrePaid to Verizon PrePaid for a few weeks, but cannot get into the VZW stores because of Covid19.

I finally decided to switch to Verizon PrePaid on their website and paid my first month in full on Sunday.

The port from ATT completed today, and I got my Verizon PrePaid SIM card today.

I put the new SIM card in and got a NO SIM CARD INSTALLED warning. 

The top left of the display says NO SIM, and shows no bars.

I reset Network Settings. I rebooted the phone. I removed and re-seated the SIM card a million times.

I contacted Verizon support. We went through a million troubleshooting options. Nothing worked. I even did a full reset of the phone (wiping ALL of the data). That did not work either.

I called another CS rep. After going through the same trouble-shooting steps (with no success), that person told me I likely had a bad SIM card and need a new one.

Then they told me to sign-up in the MyVerizon App to schedule an in-store appointment. I downloaded the app but I cannot login, because I cannot get the verification code BECAUSE THE PHONE DOESN'T SEE THE SIM CARD.

I don't know what to do.

I have no phone.

VZW support won't help me with the new SIM.

I can't login to MyVerizon app because I can't get the verification-code text.

I can't go to the store because of Covid.

I can't even chat with online help because it says "this does not appear to be a valid PrePaid phone number," because I was unable to complete the verification/registration in the app.

I'm literally out of all options here.


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