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So upset, well i came into the carmel mountain location in san diego and the lady talked me into two phones, one for me and one for my daughter... well she talked me into a set of ear pods and a set of mophies because i could recieve TWO visa gift cards and actually they would end up being free for me... well i took the deal... well at the end after all was said and done she said that i t would be 6-8 weeeks before i got my cards...needless to say i got a $700  bill and they wanted the money for the accessorys right away... well i was paying the min of the $200 dollars per month untill i recieved the visa cards so i could pay off the balance... well they suspend my service and wanted $500 to restore it because they were not receiving the money from the gift cards... i feel like  got the shaft because the chick didnt tell me that i would need to pay off the balance before i recieved the gift cards... total garbage AND THEY CAN %4^

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