BOGO - Incorrectly applied and now my payment plan is extended by 3 months...
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Store agent never applied by BOGO free offer for my iPhone 12 Pro (May 2021). Never given any paperwork and was told that I would see if applied after the 2nd billing statement. Nothing ever showed up so when I called in Verizon fixed it by adding the BOGO as a trade-in starting today.

Have already paid 3 bills. They said that I would not get a credit going back to the first 3 bills because they could not get the system to do so. 

Honestly - Verizon should have back office processes for errors like these. I have done nothing wrong and now am stuck with Verizon an additional 3 months to realize the BOGO.

The BOGO was the only reason I signed with Verizon. It is a decision I completely regret. Should have gone with T-Mobile for better customer service and better coverage in Austin, Texas.

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Re: BOGO - Incorrectly applied and now my payment plan is extended by 3 months...
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Whoever worked with you must be new because an extension isn't true. I've done countless promo corrections for customers when I used to be an agent. Whatever months you are missing, the system automatically catches you. 

If you were 3 bills in and a promo correction was done, you would see promo credit 1 of 24, 2 of 24, 3 of 24 and the current 4 of 24 on the following bill. Unless you did 30 months, but the principle is the same.

Fun fact, I had a Christmas promo on my wife's line years ago that wasn't applied which needed correcting. After calling in to fix, the next bill was considerably lower from missed credits.