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Hello gang,

My wife and I upgraded our old iPhones in Nov 2018 to an iPhone XR and XS.  At the time, the sales rep told us that if we activate a new line, we could also get the Buy One Get One Free deal.  Since our son is old enough for a phone, we did it.  We would not have bought the additional phone if we didn't think we were getting it for free.

Well, two years have gone by and when we went to upgrade again, we found that we didn't get our son's new phone for free, and in fact, we had actually financed the $760 over the previous two years.

We have spent hours on the phone today with Verizon and they have told me that, in essence, they can't help us because their records don't go back to 2018.  They also said that this is something that we need to take up with the authorized reseller we purchased the phones from.  They are also not willing to have a three way conference call with the local Verizon reseller to sort this out.  

So my questions are this, does anyone know what the promo code was for the Verizon BOGO offer in November 2018?  Is is possible that the BOGO was through the local Verizon store (reseller) and not through Verizon corporate?  Does anyone know how to get in touch with someone at Verizon who can access records from 2018?  This whole thing stinks of fraud as we were tricked into signing a contract under the guise that we would receive a free phone.

Thank you! 

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Customer Service Rep

I am sorry to hear about the issues with your device promotion. I totally understand how you feel. I would love to help you look over this and look over your account to see what happened. Please send us a Private Note, and we can head to your account.