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My experience with Verizon unfortunately had been very challenging to say the least. i tried everything and spoke to more than 5 people in different calls to customer service and still have no success in getting what I was offered.  The situation should be simple to fix: I had bought 4 devices with BOGO (so 2 are supposed to be free with my 2 new line of service). I then ported during the same time my old 2 numbers from Verizon in the 2 new devices. So bottom line I had 2 devices with 2 old numbers and 2 devices with 2 new lines of service. I was told beforehand that this is qualifying for the BOGO but then I never received the device credit and is now 7 installment payments which I had to pay every month. please help , I called today and a form was submitted to authorize my line to get the promo.  This message is a follow up of my phone call as I tried calling 5 times before in the last 3 months with no results 

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I'm sorry to hear trying to verify your BOGO eligibility has been such a headache. This is never an experience we want you to have. The great news is the form that was completed is the top tier of confirming if all the promotion qualifications have been met. If you would like we can check into the current status of the form though turnaround time is typically 7-10 business days. If it has been longer than that please provide your full name and best can be reached number on your account.