Bad Customer Information

Very Upset I was told Wednesday by customer serivce to wait to Black Friday to buy the buy one get one free Iphone 11 and then I wait on hold this morning for over and hour to find out the sale is over.  THEN I picked something else because I had to add a line, the person tells me I have to talk to customer serivce to cancel and Autopay that I had set up because I had to pay bill today to order stuff.  Wait another hour on hold and they tell me I have to talk to Finacial service, then I get to them and they tell me they can't do anything that it is going to automatically cancel, I ask if they can sent me an e-mail to confirm no more money is going to be taken out and they tell me no they can't e-mail.  I'm almost ready to switch companies VERY UPSET!!!!! Every person I talk to has a differnt story and no one really helped me ..... I've been a customers for YEARS but this really terrible.  

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