Bad Experience

On Saturday I ordered a brand new IPHONE 6S.   after ordering I was told it would receive the phone by 8pm  the next day. All was good.

First issue,  check tracking information on Sunday and FEDX says phone will not be delivered for 2 more days, not good

Second issue: we receive the phone and try to activate it.  automated process has issues,  need to call a customer service.

Third issue:  Customer Rep tries to activate phone and cannot do it, after a while she comes to us and says the Phone has been put on a Verizon Fraud List.  Really, a brand new phone and it is on a Fraud List.  I ask how what could happen and she says she has no idea and could not give me a reason why.

Note: Customer rep  was very pleasant an just delivering a message. She says she needed to work on it for a while and will call me back when it is ready to be activated.

Fourth Issue:  I receive a text from,the customer rep and she tells me the issue cannot  be cleared up on the phone and we need to take it to a Verizon Store to get a replacement. Note : I truly do not like going to Verizon Stores, I have had some very bad experiences dealing with sales personal  over the last several months.  Luckily my daughter handled this on her own.

Fifth  Issue: Verizon Sales person calls me and tells me that they cannot process the same discount I received buying the phone on line and in order for my daughter to get the replacement phone we need to pay the difference between the  discount price and the full price.  They will then process a credit to our Verizon Bill to give us the money back. I cannot believe this poop at this point. 

Sixth issue:  About 20 minutes after my daughter finished at the Verizon store a get a welcome e-mail in regards to getting on the TMP ( Total Mobile protection Plan)  which we did not ask for.  Started a online chat and got that cleared up.

Things always seem so difficult when dealing with Verizon.   I have an additional story to tell about the previous phone purchase ( at a Verizon Store) which took me about 3 months to get cleared up.

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