Bad customer service
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I decided to buy an iphone 11 by verizon, and then started a long and bad experience, I just had a headache. I placed my order through the site, and chose a delivery in two days. The next day I went to look for the delivery status and my order was awaiting some confirmation that until now I did not understand. I called pr verizon and they approved the order, but what about my two-day delivery, was it a scam? a while later I learned that the bank blocked the payment, I called the bank, authorized it, they placed the order again, and I still do not know if I would have my phone within the promised time, I went to a VERIZON store to find out more and inform me that the request had already been sent. as well? had not even approved yet. no one on verizon knows anything, they're all lost! I left the store and called again, finally approved my order with delivery in 1 day. I waited for the order all day, and at the end of the day did not deliver, according to them the address was wrong and only verizon could change, I called verizon again and they said they updated and would deliver today. I kept waiting again and nothing. At the end of the day I discovered that they updated and sent the phone back to its original destination. Verizon is a scam. totally incompetent

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